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Mrs. Ebron, the wife of a retired Sergeant Major, has been married for over 30 years. She and her husband have two adult children and currently reside in North Carolina.

Donna E. Ebron has a directive for Military wives and youth - the unknown leaders of tomorrow. She is a bold woman that accepts nothing less than positive action and interaction. She is a warm, captivating, inspiring and powerful presence wrapped in an unexpected blanket of humor. With Donna you will laugh all the way to greatness spawning from the seed she plants within you.


Donna is the author of the Berkeley Manor Series which is purposed for military families struggling to maintain normalcy in an often overlooked, hectic and stressful life while boldly supporting our fighting warriors serving near, far and abroad. She is the accomplished under-the-radar author of the powerful “I Feel Good, I Look Good! I AM GOOD” devotional, journal and mantra. The ultimate goal through her  messages is to give everyone something positive to boldly say to and about themselves with confidence. It has since become a must-have tool to assist thousands into taking back their power and dreams; one chant at a time. The “I Feel Good! I Look Good!” message is one that has people feeling better about themselves first and then how to treat others so they too feel GOOD
about themselves.


Find out more about Donna at: www.DonnaEbron.com

Donna Ebron

Motivational & Inspirational Liaison

Mission Statement:
To assist families with transition, readjustment, reintegration and reunification while increasing military awareness through reading, discussions, training and self-awareness promoting military family wellness.

1. Celebrating Military Community
2. Sharing the Stages of Military Family Life
3. Promoting Education
4. Cultivating Postive Self-Worth in Military Families
5. Integrating Military Cultural Awareness


General Book Club Categories:

  • Military Nuts & Bolts: Books and discussions will provide the how-to's, little-known secrets and much-needed wisdom on navigating through transition and adjusting to life on and off base.

  • Military Family Stories: Fiction and non-fiction selections will provide a realistic, tangible depiction of the many facets of military family life.

  • Self-Development: Books in this category will focus on personal growth, education and development through self-assessment and reflection.

  • Family Development: Books and discussion will be centered around patterns and changes experienced by families as they move through their collective life course.

  • Inspirational: Books will awaken the very essence of the readers by unveiling spiritual truths that speak to the core of their intended purpose, destiny and peace.

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