tales of berkeley manor series

Moving from state to state, house-to-house and base to base is normal if you're a military family. In the midst of moving, sometimes the feelings of our children are overlooked. In each adventure the “Tales of Berkeley Manor” series centers
around the transitioning and reintegration that military children endure with every move. Step into the world of Berkeley Manor with me as I introduce you to Chillin, Ebony and Sarge. These are the special houses of Berkeley Manor and each has its own personality and will share stories with you throughout the series.

Each will share memories of the laughter, joy, as well as sorrows of the military children we have served. Our desire is to reassure you that many military children just like you have been in the same place you are and have succeeded. Chillin, Ebony and Sarge remind military children that when they are feeling grouchy, sad or lonely that those emotions are normal. They also challenge children to
express those emotions in constructive ways.

The Tales of Berkeley Manor Series:
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